By An Dro

  1. Macket Of Patches
  2. Tourdion
  3. Mary Beth
  4. Patchouli In The Morning
    The Outlier
  5. Hurdy Gurdy Girls
    An Dro
    French Dance
    Avant De S’en Aller
  6. Duty Free
  7. Pearl
  8. The Ides Of
    La Sansonette
    Sorgsen Ton
  9. The Woodchoppers
    Saut Du Lapin
    Levi Beaulieu
  10. Gibbous Moon
    Dog In The Manger
  11. Yggdrasil

One comment

An Dro - Storyteller

From their online description:
"Their music is a blend of traditional and original melodies from across the globe, reaching back to the past, with an eye to the present and the future.

You’ll hear traditional Irish melodies, medieval French songs, Breton dance tunes, Scandinavian refrains, Appalachian influences, Arabic rhythms, and African grooves all performed with joy and freshness. This is dance music but it’s also listening music."

Have enjoyed quite a few tracks on this album, pretty sure many are original compositions.