Poachers Bold

By The Duncan McFarlane Band

  1. The Blacksmith
  2. Welcome You Home
  3. Round The (Hornpipe)
    Bear Dance
  4. Cold Haily, Windy Night
  5. Billy Boy
  6. For Jane (Tomlinson)
  7. Boys Of Bedlam
  8. Ribbons Fall
  9. Rufford Park
  10. The Weight Of It All
  11. Harvest Home
  12. To The Chevin
  13. Drinking Song
    Stool Of Repentance

One comment

The Duncan McFarlane Band - Poachers Bold

First stumbled onto The Bear Dance polka through this album. The album has songs & tunes.


Many are original compositions of Duncan McFarlane, including: Welcome you Home, Round the Hornpipe, For Jane, Ribbons Fall, The Weight of it All, K2, To the Chevin, & Drinking Song.

The band are:
- Nick Pepper (drums)
- Martin Ward (bass)
- Geoff Taylor (electric guitar)
- Anne Brivonese (fiddle/vocals)
- Steve Fairholme (melodeon/vocals)
- Duncan McFarlane (acoustic guitar/electric guitar/mandolin/vocals)