By David Brewer & Rebecca Lomnicky

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  1. Inspired
    Blowing Kisses To The Moon
  2. Bridging The Gap
    Read The Lines
    Ahmed’s Taxi Ride
  3. Lady Elizabeth Cole’s
    Miss Barbara Hay’s Favorite
    The Road To Banff
  4. A Mhòrthir Bhoidheach (Lovely Morar)
  5. The Old Highland Wedding
    Allan Ramsay
    Bata Bharra
  6. Grandma Rebecca’s Favorite
  7. Amazing Grace
  8. The Donegal Lass
    The Panda
    The Last Tango In Harris
  9. Lady Yvonne’s
    Gregg’s Grand Archive
    The Dancing Piper
  10. The Lights Below Creston
  11. Mrs. Forsyth’s Pibroch (Manse Of Abernethy)