Waltzing in the Trees

By Amarillis

  1. La Bastringue
    Set De La Baie St. Paul
  2. Roundabout Our Coal Fire
    The Clout
  3. Enrichez-Vous
  4. Bennett
    Morpeth Lasses
  5. Amarillis
    Knole Park
  6. Captain McCann’s
    The Knott
  7. Sunderland
  8. Mrs. McGee’s
    Drummond Castle
  9. Fair-Haired Lass
  10. Miss Thonpson’s
    Walker Street
  11. Pembroke
    Up With Aily
  12. Green Willow
    Jacob Hall’s
    Boys Of Antrim
  13. Saint Anne’s (Waltz)
    Saint Anne’s
  14. Katy’s Rambles
    Blackthorn Stick
  15. Waltzing In The Trees

Two comments

Re: Waltzing in the Trees

From Allison Thompson’s blog (https://allisonthompson.blog/ ):

“I play piano, recorders, button accordion, and concertina and am learning (slowly) the mandolin and tenor guitar. I have played folk dance music for almost four decades with Maro Avakian (piano) and Donna Isaac (violin) as the trio Amarillis, and we have made three recordings: Waltzing in the Trees, The Blind Harper Dances, and In-Step.”