Internal Circulation

By Kozo Toyota

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Kozo Toyota - Internal Circulation

Irish trad. band based out of Tokyo, Japan. The album was released March 2018.

Re: Internal Circulation

Was mistaken about one point in my first comment.

This is a solo album, from flutist Kozo Toyota (or Toyoda, seen both via Google translate on different Japanese websites).

His website:

According to , Kozo was joined by Keisuke Kubo (guitar) on this album.

Kozo Toyota & Keisuke Kubo, Mist Covered Mountain/Castletown Conners/The Rooms of Dooagh/Last House in the Village/Spike Island Lasses/Griffin from the Bridge:

Some information about Kozo from :
“Kozo Toyota is an Irish flute and whistle player, from Japan … He is also the founder of Toyota Ceili Band … His another Irish music band, O’Jizo, received a passionate welcome in US in 2016 and 2017 … [He also] founded the Intercollegiate Celtic Festival in 2010, which has taken a role to increase the number of young people who play the Irish music or enjoy Irish dance in Japan.”

And some additional information is available here:

First album from The Toyota Ceili Band: