Dance and Sing

By The Navigators

  1. Warlike Lads (of Russia)
  2. Rights Of Man
  3. Springfield Road
  4. Dance And Sing
  5. The Ploughboy
  6. Nancy
  7. Rabbits In A Basket
  8. The Islander
  9. The White Cockade
  10. Norwegian Wood
  11. The Chapel Bell
    Donegal Lasses
    The Boys In The Bunker
  12. The Rhythm Of The Goat
  13. The Giant
    The Sea Monster

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Re: Dance and Sing

A popular band from Newfoundland, it’s been a while since they’ve put out a new album, but they still play gigs. You can listen to all three albums on their website:

Some info about the songs & tunes on this album are on their old website:

These guys are one of my personal favourites, picked up the whistle in large part because of Freddy.

They have changed bass & drum players, while Arthur & Fred remain the lead singers.

On this album:
- Arthur O’Brien (electric guitar/acoustic guitar/vocals)
- Fred Jorgensen (whistle/bodhran/vocals)
- Ian Chipman (bass/vocals)
- Paul Murphy (drums)

The Boys in the Bunker was composed by Newfoundland fiddler Colin Carrigan.

Fred’s arrangement of The Rights of Man is variations/improvising on the original melody, until he picks up the tempo which is closer to the Right of Man most people are familiar with.

The Sea Monster was composed and played by Colin Carrigan on this album. It follows after a Stan Rogers song.

Re: Dance and Sing

Many of The Navigators songs are available with lyrics, videos and more at mobile-friendly GEST Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador…

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