Stranger at the Gate

By Dán

  1. Gerry O’Connor’s
    Tripping Down The Stairs
  2. When First I Came To Caledonia
  3. The Oriental
    I’ll Buy Boots For Maggie
    The Finnish
  4. The Snows They Melt The Soonest
    The Sunset
  5. New Üzemel
  6. Lament For Kim
  7. Wie Schön Blüht Uns Der Maien (may Song)
    Hares On The Mountain
  8. An Fainne Oir
    The Gold Ring
  9. Her Long Black Hair
    The Phoenix
  10. Sandy Bell’s Broadstreet
  11. The Stranger At The Gate
    Dillon Brown
    Castle Kelly
  12. The Tipsy Sailor
    Reel Beatrice

One comment

DÁN - Stranger at the Gate

2005 album.

Trio of musicians, based out of Germany.

Their website was at , and has since gone dark. Can still view it with the Way Back Machine (and Google translate, for those of us who don’t read German):

Was available on iTunes and CDBaby, has been taken down in the last year. Remains available on Amazon (second-hand, and, Amazon manufactured CD’s).

They are/were:
- Franziska Urton (fiddle/vocals)
- Johannes Mayr (accordion/double bass/vocals)
- Jørgen W. Lang (guitar/low whistles/lead vocals)

Jørgen’s website: