Fiddling in the Fog

By The STEP Fiddlers

  1. Sean Sa Ceo
    Musical Priest
  2. La Bastringue
    La Guenille
  3. Johnny’s
    Christina’s Dream
  4. Le Reel De La Pistroli
    Gerald Thomas’ Burnt Potato
  5. The Peak Of The Topsail
    American Eight
    Leo Bonnell’s Crooked Double
  6. Dionne
  7. Coming From The Races
  8. Coady’s Triple
    Pretty Little Mary
  9. Memory
    The Gypsy
  10. Walt Hallett’s Tune
    Francois Dance Tune # 1
    Francois Dance Rune # 2
    Placentia Bay Double
  11. Stack Of Barley
    The Grumbling Old Man And The Grumbling Old Woman
  12. Luke Payne’s Square Dance Tunes
  13. I’ll Hang My Harp On A Willow Tree
  14. Kitty’s Rambles
    Up To See Grandma (Pussycat Up In The Plum Tree)
  15. Brother’s Farewell
    Caribou Skin Nailed Around The Circle
  16. Jimmy Rumbolt’s Tune
    Laddie Dr. Keilly – O

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The STEP Fiddlers - Fiddling in the Fog

Newfoundland fiddling group, from the Suzuki Talent Education Program (STEP) in St. John’s.

Mostly young fiddle players, ranging in age from 7 to 14, and are directed by Christina Smith, who founded the group in 1982.