The New High Level Ranters

By The New High Level Ranters

  1. Fisherman’s Friend
    Black And Grey
  2. Ca’ Hawkie
  3. The Old Drove Road
    Kennedy North
  4. Jim Jones
  5. The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade
  6. John Peel
    Bonnie Annie
  7. Durham Regatta
    Little Jenny
  8. The Snows They Melt The Soonest
  9. Yellow Haired Laddie
  10. New Song Of The Coal
  11. Skipper’s Wedding
    The Boy In The Basket
  12. The Duke Of Fife
    Maggie Lauder

Two comments

Re: The New High Level Ranters

I know that most of these tracks are songs, and that many of these tunes are not linked on here, but I wanted to share this lovely recording nonetheless. I’m a huge HLR fan and this album was created with some members from the original and a few new ones. Available on both Amazon and Itunes and free listening on YouTube. Do enjoy!

Re: The New High Level Ranters

Also to add, track 1 is a hornpipe and a jig (don’t know much about the jig but it’s also featured in Canny Fettle’s "Varry Canny", which I had uploaded earlier.