Pigtown Fling

By Randal Bays And Joel Bernstein

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Randal Bays and Joel Bernstein

Despite it’s title this album is far from hogwash.

The rather unusual combinatoin of harmonica (J Bernstein) and fiddle (R Bays) goes together extremely well on this CD, and it’s been one of my favourites ever since I got it got it from a friend who lives in Portland, Oregan.

(Don’t know how easy it is to get a hold of - the record label reads 1996 Foxglove Records)

Pigtown Fling

Should be listed as Randal Bays AND Joel Bernstein.

This recording is a true collaboration between two artists. Joel does play concertina on a few of the tracks, but it is his “Eddie Clarke” style chromatic harmonica playing that really shines. Most of the tunes are played at a high-octane, jaw-dropping tempos, but rest delightfully on the ear, as there is nothing frantic about the way they are played.

Believe it or not, this CD, recorded in Portland, Oregon in 1996 by two Americans, has had a fairly wide-ranging influence on musicians in Ireland, in part due to the well-chosen selection of tunes. For instance, Kevin Crawford found “The Long Drop” here, and subsequently recorded it on “In Good Company”.

You can order a copy from Randal at www.foxgloverecords.com

name that Bobby Casey hornpipe ?

On their “Pigtown Fling” CD, Randal Bays and Joel Bernstein play a set of hornpipes on track 10. The first is “The Lament for the Fairies” and the second is mistakenly titled “The Castle of Tuamgraine.” Randal and Joel both told me that they’d originally planned to play Tuamgraine as the second tune, but then changed their minds just before recording, and after the CD graphics were completed. They both think they got that second hornpipe from a Bobby Casey recording, but they can’t recall the name of the tune. I tried a tune search here with note fragments, but came up with nothing. Anyone out there have a name for this tune (other than “Bobby Casey’s” which is usually attached to Humours of Tullycrine)?


“Nose” should be “Knees”

The first reel on the 5th track is “Up to Your Knees in Sand”, not “Up to Your Nose in Sand”.

It turns out that the album notes conflict on the name of the first reel on the 5th track. In one place, the name of the reel has “Nose” and in another it has “Knees”.

Re: Pigtown Fling

Here are the harmonicas JB uses (provided by user alec b here https://thesession.org/discussions/28016)

Track 1: D/C#
Track 2: G/F#
Track 5: G/F#
Track 6: G diatonic
Track 7: C/B
Track 8: G/F#
Track 9: G/F#
Track 10: C/B
Track 14: C/B
Track 15: Koch slide diatonic
Track 17: G/F#

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Re: The Pigtown Fling

Right, added some 15 years ago. Great recording though.