Banquet of Boxes: Celebration of English Melodeon

By Various Artists

  1. Gerry The Frog
    Old Noll’s
  2. George Green’s College
    Ewan Mac’s Export
  3. No More Wabbits
  4. Banks Of The Dee
    William And Nancy
  5. Over The Field Of Turnips
  6. The Corn And The Blue
    South Downs
  7. Edward’s
    11:30 In Mallaig
  8. Thames Valley Soldier’s Joy
    Lemmie Brazil’s 1
    Cecil Pearl’s Petronella
  9. A Northern Lass
    Waiting For Janet
  10. Last Of The Winter Wine Gums
    Schottische De Catinaux
  11. Alf Ritchie’s Balanced Incline
  12. The Railway
    The Steamboat Quickstep