English Country Songs and Dances

By Magpie Lane

  1. Regent’s Fete
    Sir Roger De Coverley
  2. The Beverly Maid And The Tinker
  3. Old Molly Oxford
  4. The Highwayman Outwitted
  5. The Turtle Dove
    Bobbing Joe
  6. The Boar’s Head Carol
  7. Davy Davy Knick-Knack
  8. Johnny So Long
    Eynsham Poaching Song
  9. The Reading Summer Dance
  10. Oxford City
  11. Jockey To The Fair
  12. All Jolly Fellows
    Speed The Plough
  13. Green Bushes
  14. Double Lead Through
  15. The Mistress’s Health
  16. Kempshott Hunt
    Death Of The Fox
  17. Shooter’s
  18. John Barleycorn
  19. The First Of May
  20. The Painful Plough
  21. Banbury Hill
    As I Was Going To Banbury
  22. Bushes And Briars
  23. May Day Carol