Up to no good

By Fist and Chips

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  1. The Striking Clock
    The Handsome Young Maidens
  2. The Molly Maguires
  3. Toss The Feathers
    The Moving Cloud
  4. 42 Pound Cheque
    The Ballyvourney
    Gan Ainm
    The Christmas
  5. Plains Of Kildare
  6. Song For Yesterday
  7. Plains Of Waterloo
    The Rakish Paddy
    Laura Lynn Cunningham
  8. Home For A Rest
    Castle Kelly
    Glass Of Beer
    Swallow’s Tail
  9. Boys Of Ballycastle
    The Brown Cover
    Pride Of Petravore
  10. These Islands Green
  11. British Army
    Croppy Boy
  12. Brendan Sheehan
    Tam Lin
  13. Recruiting Sargeant
  14. Rashers And Eggs
    Sean Bui

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Re: Up to no good

Fist & Chips is Celtic Folk group from Argentina dedicated to the interpretation of a repertoire based on the folkloric rhythms of Ireland, but at the same time taking sounds of Scotland and other peoples. The group’s own style is based on articulating the strength of traditional songs together with modern and surprising instrumental arrangements. In addition to the well-known sea-shanties, rebel and drinking songs, the group goes through a contemporary repertoire of energetic themes combining arrangements with three voices. The instrumentation is Irish uilleann pipes, accordion, guitar, tin whistle, flute, mandola and fiddle.