The Wind Among The Reeds

By Tommy Keane And Jacqueline McCarthy

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What a classic album, it doesnt get much better than this.

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Mike Rafferty’s

The first tune on track 10 links to a jig, but is in fact a reel. I think it’s this one : - if someone could confirm this, then perhaps the link could be updated. Would that happen automatically if “Mike Rafferty’s” is added as an alternative name for Feeding the Birds, or does something also have to be altered in the Recordings?

John Henry’s

The link, as usual, is wrong. John Henry’s on the Wind among the Reeds is a jig, not a reel. See my comment under the tune of that name.

6. ) Jigs ~ “John Henry’s Jig” / “Fasten The Leg In Her” & great whistle playing!

“John Henry’s Jig”
# Added by slainte ~ August 22nd, 2006

“Tommy Keane And Jacqueline McCarthy: The Wind Among The Reeds” 😎

I love it, a favourite listen, great tunes played well ~ sweet pipes, sweet tina, sweet whistling (track 6) ~ inspirational! Any session with the likes of these folk on hand would be truly blessed…

I’d meant to add this praise previously but distractions took hold, various hassles slowly being dealt with, one thing at a time… 😏 Great listens like this help keep me balanced and still able to smile. 😉 Highly recommended!!!