Think Before You Think

By Danu

Added by Jeremy .

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My fav

This band is one of my favorite bands. Nice choice, Jeremy. I believe the group also has another CD available, except you can only but it in Ireland :( Oh well…

Danu - “Think Before You Think”

Ditto the comments by Josh Kane. “Think Before You Think” is a fine CD. This past summer I saw Danu AND Altan together at the Hollywood Bowl (along with Eileen Ivers, too). What an evening! Tom Doorly of Danu was absolutely magical with his flute and the rest of the band just “rocked.” Altan was very impressive as well, but I actually came away with a slightly higher regard for Danu than Altan (in their respective “live” versions, anyway).

having heard the 4 first CDs .. i think this one is their best until now: a good choice of songs and of tunes.

Johnny Leary’s

The second tune of the fourth set, Johnny Leary’s, is linked to a polka. To get the tune on the album you have to do a search for Johnny Leary’s jig.

Track 11

The 2nd tune in track 11 is no “Tommy People’s” that I can find. It seems to be a version of Lady Gordon’s (AKA Paddy Carty’s):


The 2nd tune of track 7 is definitely not “the Blackthorn Stick - jig” but the reel of the same name !

Track 3

According to some other track listings I’ve seen, there’s a fourth reel at the end of track 3: “The First Month of Spring”.