Live in Oslo

By The Humdingers

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Re: Live in Oslo

The Humdingers was a Scandinavian band in the 90s. This live album was release in 1995 on Inter Music (INTCD025). I don’t know of any other recording by them.

Serge Grando: tenor banjo, mandolin, bouzouki
Svend Kjeldsen: bodhrán, percussion
Åsa Ringborg: fiddle
Jörgen Astner: accordion
Séamus Cahill: vocals, guitar

Special guest: Johannes Stærk (backing vocals on Those Memories)
Séamus Cahill was the original singer in the Danish band Ash Plant, Svend Kjeldsen has played on numerous records, and Jörgen Astner is well-known in ITM circles throughout Scandinavia.