Where is the Light?

By Hilke Billerbeck

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Re: Where is the Light?

Hilke Billerbeck is a guitar player from Hamburg. She is joined on tracks 1, 4, 9 & 12 by Julia Wetzel-Kagelmann on Bohm flute and whistle. The album has a tasteful mix of old and new tunes. The 11 tracks of guitar solo, mostly slow tunes and airs, makes me think of how the guitar can sometimes successfully take the role which the harp traditionally has in the instrumental trad music.

The 2nd reel on track 2 has been recorded by Shaskeen.
Tracks 6/7/8 are compositions of guitar player Maria Linnemann.

Re: Where is the Light?

Hi Hilke,

great of you to make a CD!
There are some tunes on it that have not been documented on THE SESSION yet.
May be you can put the in.

Best wishes from Kiel,
keep on going!