Newfoundland Spring

By Dave Panting

  1. The Petty Harbour Bait Skiff
  2. The Captain And His Whiskers
    Rowed Up In A Dory
  3. Newfoundland Spring
  4. Duffney’s
    Yer Basic
    Back Down Home
  5. Running The Goat
    Joey Clement’s
  6. The Self
  7. Mussels In The Corner
  8. The Fisherman’s Favorite
    The Old Man And The Old Woman
  9. The Rollicking Skipper
  10. Kitty Jones
    Off She Goes
  11. Lukey’s Boat
    Great Big Sea Hove
  12. A Maiden’s Lament
  13. The Cuckoo’s Nest
  14. Pussycat Up On The Pond
  15. Red Island Tune
    Round The House
    Round Old Ruby’s Garden
    Drive ‘er Down
  16. Paddy’s

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Dave Panting - Newfoundland Spring

An album of mostly Newfoundland traditional tunes.

All tunes arranged and performed by Dave.

The album features: acoustic & electric mandolin, tenor banjo, banjolin, bouzouki, baglamas, durass, bass, acoustic & electric guitar, guitar synth, acoustic & electric percussion & loops.