By Broken Strings

  1. Jaybird
    Humours Of Tulla
    Roddy MacDonald’s Fancy
  2. Ann’s
    The Retirement
  3. Philip And The Bull
    The Crantit
  4. Da Slockit Licht
  5. Room To Let
    Miss Jenna Reid O’ Quarff
    The Antrim Rose
  6. Simon Thoumire’s
    Swanbister Live
    Some Serious Cat
    The Duggid Yowe
  7. Road To Errogie
    Le Fleur De Mandragore
    Stomach Steinway Man
    £50 Cashback
  8. Farewell To Jackie
  9. Hallbreck
    It’s A Bar
  10. High Drive
    Ramnee Ceilidh
  11. Reel For Karen
    Karen Elizabeth Aim

One comment

Broken Strings - Halda

They are:
- Robbie Stevenson (accordion)
- Chloe Peace (fiddle/viola)
- Aidan Moodie (guitar)
- Graham Rorie (fiddle/mandolin)
- Guille Lopez (cajon/bodhran)
- Magnus Bichan (pipes/fiddle/banjo)

Jaybird is a (French?) Canadian Reel, which is different from the one already in the database (7435). Stiamh identified it here: https://thesession.org/discussions/43136 as being close to the first transcription from here: https://tunearch.org/wiki/Jaybird . It’s also the first tune on the French Canadian Reel set of Liz Doherty’s album “Quare Imagination” ( https://thesession.org/recordings/305 ).