The Tunes

By Shanneyganock

  1. Up The Pond
  2. Creatures Of The Night
    Kips Bay
    Pull The Goalies
  3. Cock Of The North
  4. After Hours
  5. Buffet Double
    Lake St. John
    Gan Ainm
  6. Rollicking Skipper
    Pussycat Up The Plum Tree
  7. Captain & His Whiskers
    Four Poster Bed
  8. Budgell’s Jig #1
    Budgell’s Jig #2
  9. Coming To The Races
  10. Red Island Tune
    Green Grow The Rushes Oh
  11. The Old Man & The Old Woman
  12. Buttons In The Wind
  13. A Feed Of Duff
  14. Beid Ril Againn

One comment

Shanneyganock - the tunes

A compilation album of tunes from various Shanneyganock albums.

They are a popular band in Newfoundland, known for many traditional songs & tunes, as well as some originals and newer compositions. Their band name roughly translates to "creatures of the night" in Gaelic.

Mark Hiscock (button accordion) & Chris Andrews (guitar) have been performing together for a few decades now.

Many of the tracks are sets, to which I don’t currently know the names. Have particularly enjoyed "Pussycat up the Plum Tree", "From the South Side Looking In (set)", "Singles (set)", and "Buttons in the Wind" from this compilation album.