Half Day Road

By Liz Carroll & Jake Charron

  1. Heath And Bernie’s
    Half Day Road
    Tune For Jim DeWan
  2. As The Crow Flies
  3. The Famine
  4. Jarl Squad
  5. Planxty Mary Fahey
  6. Brandan Carroll
    A Tune-Back For Andrea Beaton
  7. Save The Ham
    Who Has The Conn?
  8. Last Of The Leaves
  9. The Bird
    The Greek Petunia
  10. The Twelve Steps
    Trail Magic
  11. The Cat
    Etain McKinney’s Polka
  12. Compliments To Jimmy Keane
    Fasten Your Seatbelts

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No comments from the OP ?…
Duplicated and the order of tunes doesn’t seem to be the same as in the former publication https://thesession.org/recordings/6102
Why not check before ?

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