You Never See The One

By Chalktown

  1. Wild Nights
    Here Rises
  2. Seabird
    The Bounty
  3. Sealegs
  4. Lodger From Hell
    Gordon Potts
  5. You Never See The One
  6. Mad Hare March
  7. Strike The Gay Harp
    Put Me Up Over Your Shoulder
  8. Midwinter
  9. Groove Tune
  10. Nantwich Fair
    Better Late Than Never
  11. Just A Bit Of Fun
    Flowers And Frolics
  12. Another Cup Of Tea
    Garlic And Brandy
  13. Burning Down The Barn
    Those Pesky Kids

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Chalktown - You Never See The One

Engish folk mixed with indie rock & jazz.

They are:
- Paul Scourfield (melodeon)
- Dave Blackmore (clarinet, bass clarinet)
- Michael Davidson (fluid bass, guitar)
- Rob Gifford (drummer)