The Sanctuary Sessions

By Various Artists

  1. Bobby Gardiner’s
    The Morning Dew
  2. Tim Moloney’s
    The Maid Of Mount Cisco
    Craig’s Pipes
  3. The One That Was Lost
    The Trip To Bantry
  4. Carraigdonn
  5. Winnie Hayes’
    Mac’s Fancy
  6. Within A Mile Of Dublin
    The Connaught Heifer
  7. The Boys Of Barr Na Sráide
  8. Larrisey’s Jigs
    The Cobbler
  9. Flagstone Of Memories
    The Black Haired Lass
  10. The Buck From The Mountain
    The Standing Abbey
  11. The Tipperary Recruiting Song
    The Native Irishman
  12. The Morning Lark
    Joe Cooley’s Delight
    Brodie Kierse’s
  13. The Cornstack
    Larry’s Favourite
  14. Sonny
  15. Bean Dubh A’Ghleanna
    Dunguaire Castle
  16. Come West Along The Road
    The Boys Of Malin

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The Sanctuary Sessions

This is a collecion of live session recordings at Cruises Pub in Ennis which, according to Sharon Shannon, "lets people who don’t go to sessions know what their [sic] missing!"

Featured musicians are Jim Carrigan, Kevin Crawford, James Cullinan, Mossie Griffin, P. J. King, Josephine Marsh, Pat Marsh, John Moloney, Eimear Mungovan, Paul O’Driscoll, Dympna, O’Sullivan, Siobhan Peoples, John Rynne, Gary Shannon, Mary Shannon, and Sean Tyrrell.

I love the way the audience reacts in the middle of the sets: in this sense Siobhan Peoples and P. J. King’s duet on the first track is awesome while this album also includes quiet and soulful concertina playings by Dympna O’Sullivan.

It was a shame I forgot to get this lovely album last summer. Don’t make the same mistake I did when you visit Ennis. It’s available at the pub counter.

Is Custy’s carrying it?

I’m not sure, but I think it’s available only at the pub though maybe you can personally ask the shop to send a copy. As you know, it’s just ten-second walk or so.

I still need to get another live recording "Maiden Voyage," featuring some of the musicians playing on this album. And yes, of course, "Time On Our Hands" by Siobh

It always took me longer because I couldn’t quite resist stopping in across the street for some curry fries… 🙂 Man, I know those of you who can get it whenever you like think it’s horrible, but curry over here doesn’t taste the same, and sometimes I crave the stuff!

Anyway, I’ll have to see if I can get a copy, sounds great!


Sanctuary Sessions is back in print

Just saw this on the Custy’s website.


Does anyone know who is doing the singing on Carraigdonn?

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Seán Tyrrell sings "Carraigdonn", as well as "The Tipperary Recruiting Song". The other singer is Eimear Mungovan, on "Sonny" and "The Boys Of Barr Na Sráide"

Re: The Sanctuary Sessions (Produced by PJ Curtis; Executive Producer: Brian Ó Maoileoin)

The very first tune on this recording is "Dicky Sherlock’s" reel - the link is going to a jig.

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