Magic Fantasy Dream Dance

By Great Bear

  1. The Amazing Flying Sebastian
  2. Coily’s Army Of Darkness
  3. Lost River
  4. Money Musk
  5. Homegrown
  6. The Hat Thief
  7. Garbage In A
  8. Jenny’s Groove
  9. Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded
  10. Shoot The Turkey Buzzard
  11. Apple Blossom

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Great Bear - Magic Fantasy Dream Dance

Formerly The Great Bear Trio, they re-named their band once three new members joined.

They are:
- Andrew VanNorstrand (guitar/fiddle/bass)
- Noah VanNorstrand: (fiddle)
- Kim Yerton (piano)
- Chris Miller (saxophone)
- Rebecca Bosworth-Clemens (clarinet)
- Dana Billings (drums/percussion/organ/moog)

- Richie Stearns (banjo)
- Lucas Ashby (percussion)
- Daphne Pickens (violin)
- Erica Klafehn (violin)
- Henry Smith (violin)
- Alice Kanack (viola)
- Casey Murray (cello)