The Magic of Summer School

By Reel of Seven

  1. Shiftin’ Bobbins
    The New Potato
    Mouth Of The Tobique
    Saint Antoine
  2. Danse De Chez Nous
  3. The Byron
    Tae Gar Ye Loup
  4. The Meeting Of The Waters
    The Rebel War Song
    The Old Rustic Bridge
    The Wark O’ The Weavers
    Kelly The Boy From Killane
  5. Captain Charles Stewart’s Jigg
    Biddy The Bowlwife
    John Wilmot’s
    Dan Harry Burton
  6. Muriel Johnstone’s Compliments To Robert MacKay
    The Mill Of Laggan
    Miss Douglas
  7. Lady Montgomerie
    The Wizard’s Walk
    Trip To Windsor
  8. Ten Minutes Ago
    I Could Have Danced All Night
  9. Christine M. Phillips
    Always Able
    Theoretical Chemistry
  10. The Drunken Piper
    Iggy And Squiggie
    Primrose Lasses
    Johnny Muise’s
  11. The Ceilidh Umbrella
    Earl Gaddis
    Ewe With The Crooked Horn
  12. Mairi’s Wedding
    Hey, Johnnie Cope
    Lady Mackenzie Of Coull
    Sweet Maid Of Glendaruel
    Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend
    Get Me To The Church On Time
    The Wells Fargo Wagon
  13. Tam’s Hunting Horn
    Andy Clark Of Crieff
    Jim McAllister’s
    Miss Sarah Gillies
  14. The City Of Belfast
    Lament For The Death Of The Rev. Archie Beaton
    Late Summer Air
  15. Return From India
    Reel De Montebello
    John Keith Laing
    Whitefish In The Rapids

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Re: The Magic of Summer School

From the band’s website.

’Reel of Seven

We are a group of friends who love to play music for Scottish Country Dancing (and Ceilidh dancing as well!) We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but have also travelled extensively. We hope you enjoy our signature blend of high energy contemporary and traditional music as much as we enjoy playing it!’

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