Gotta Dance!

By Reel of Seven

  1. Road To Banff
    The Roaring Barmaid
    The Blackberry Festival Footrace
    Trip To Ottawa
  2. John Of Bon Accord
    Frank Gilruth
    Valley Of The Moon
    Taybank Shenanigans
  3. Lady Charlotte Campbell’s
    Troubled Oceans
    Master Francis Sitwell
    The Beauty Of The North
  4. Cameroni’s Jigaroni
    Norven House
    The Champaign Jig Goes To Columbia
    Pat And Al’s
  5. Dr. Stocker’s
    Double Diamond Celebration
    Dunaskin Glen
  6. Bonnie Stronshiray
    Miss Irene Fidler’s
    Pamela Rose Grant
    The Laird Of Atherton
  7. The Craigellachie Lasses
    Mrs Oswald Of Auchencruive’s Favourite
    Miss Sophia Campbell Of Saddell’s
    Captain Campbell (of Lochnell’s)
  8. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
    Reel Beatrice
    The Old Man And The Old Woman
    Fleur De Mandragore
  9. The MacAulays Of Benbecula
    Alberta Wild Rose
    The Earl Of Northampton
  10. Mary Currie
    Doug MacDonald’s Birthday
    Jig O’ Beer
  11. Johnnie In Nether Mains
    Bessie’s Haggies
    The 93rd’s Farewell To Edinburgh
  12. The Minister O’ Birse
    John Of Badenyon
    Cape Spear
  13. Road To Errogie
    The Linguist
    Time To Go
    Celtic Steps