Prince Of Pipers

By Finbar Furey

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Finbar Furey, the prince of the pipers

This is a jewel for all the freinds of the uilleann pipes. It was recorded in 1974 in Germany and published by Intercord. Of course it is real vinyl 33rpm. AFAIK it was not republished as a CD afterwards what is a das thing. Finbar plays all the tunes on his own, most of them are very traditional from the piper’s repertoire, but #2 and #6 are writteny Finbar himself.
The cover is a great joke, in the middle you can see Finbar posing exactely like the old masters and those are grouped around as smaller pictures. The last picture shows Thomas Rowsome, father of Leo Rowsome. Part of the irony is that Leo Rowsome published an LP earlier titled after the tune ‘The king of the Pipers’….

John Cash

Yeah, Cash is on the cover, too. not the one who died last week, the real one, the famous piper!

I’d love to get my hands on this!

I think Finbar is one of the most under-rated pipers. A great pity he took that awful lurch of bad taste and started singing those horrible "black pudding" numbers like "When You Were Sweet Sixteen", etc. etc.

He was such a risk-taker on the pipes; a real natural genius, easily in the same league as those pipers whose names are more revered.

The Best

Finbar shows what a genius he is at playing slow airs on this album. Plains of Waterloo and its easy to talk are pure magic. This album and another he recorded inspired me to take up the pipes, and I am proud to say he has had a strong influence on my piping. When I met him many years later he was very proud to tell me he was crowned prince of pipers by Leo Rowsomme and Seamus Ennis following a competition.

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Re: Prince Of Pipers

Finbar Furey, like Liam O’Flynn of his Planxty days, got me interested to take up the uilleann pipes nearly four decades ago, and then I set them aside again for over three decades. I just about gave my old 1970’s half set away last year, but after listening again to Finbar and Liam’s piping from way back then, I decided I just loved the music they made with the uilleann pipes and I couldn’t part with my old set. So I’m getting my old John Addison half set restored (may he rest in peace) and I’m pressing on with learning to play uilleann pipes with my new chanter and with a new drones set made by Tommy Martin (thank you, Tommy!).