Moidart To Mabou

By Daimh

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This album recorded in 2000 (Goat Island Music GIMCD001) is the dubut album of Daimh. The group, whose repertoire includes lively arrangements of traditional tunes plus new compositions, consists of Angus MacKenzie (Pipes), Ross Martin (Guitar), Colm O’Rua (Banjo), Gabe McVarish (Fiddle), James Bremner (Bodhran). They are a trans-Atlantic collaboration bringing the influences of Scotland, Cape Breton. California and Eire into the West Highland tradition. The album inlcudes guest appearances by other musicians including Iain MacDonald, Anne Martin, Ingrid Henderson and John Pursor.

Highlyu recommended. Look out also for their second album ‘The Pirates of Puirt’

Golden Brown Chevette

Does anybody know anything about this tune? I downloaded the album off of TradTunes and don’t have liner notes. I’ve tranposed the tune but don’t know who to credit it to.

The Brown One

golden brown chevette was written by Iain MacFarlane (he plays with Blazin’ Fiddles and recorded an album with Iain MacDonald..First Harvest) it was written about the car he had when he went traveling in New Zealand…can’t remember, ages ago that he told me…great tune tho

Le taing

Brilliant. I keep putting off buying First Harvest. I keep telling myself “it doesn’t have enough piping, you’re no going to listen to it” but I thought the same thing about Dàimh.


I’ve added the names of the two polkas named Unknown in the sleeve notes

Re: Moidart To Mabou

The 2nd Reel on track 6 ‘A minor’ is known as MacKinnons Other Rant.