Quick Spin

By The Moving Violations

  1. Chasing My Tail
    Getting Started
    Feathers And Bones
  2. Lyme
    Farewell To The Taliban
  3. Julottan
  4. Bulgur In The Pot
    The Gale
    The Rolling Bow
  5. Hills Of Manchuria
  6. Eamon Coyne’s
    Tam Lin
  7. Blue
    Bishop And Fritz
    Ivailovsko Horo
  8. Evit Gabriel
    Reel Eugene
  9. Kaynor’s Place
  10. Hiawatha
    Madam Neruda
    Stoney Lake
  11. Huck Weave
    Hanging Rest
  12. Hyttstenspolkett
  13. Green Mountain Petronella
    Lipovacko Kolo
    Traktosko Kolo
  14. Carinito
  15. Rainy Night In Montague