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By James Morrison & Tom Ennis

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Released in 2016 by Topic. This is James Morrison, the fiddler from Sligo who immigrated to New York; and Tom Ennis, the uilleann piper who also made recordings in the 1920s and ’30s. This has duets and solos. An interesting addition to the collections of 78 RPM-era Irish music.


The labels for tracks 10 and 11 were mixed up on the iTunes version. Just switch them and you’re set.

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“2016” ? - is that “released” as a CD, or on “iTunes” ? The LP record came out in 1980.

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It was released to iTunes in 2016; I don’t know anything about whether or not it’s been re-issued as a CD.

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In the set of “Kiss The Maid Behind the Barrell” / Trim The Velvet", the tunes are alternated, thus creating a single 8-part unit, which I really like as both tunes essentially have the same theme. Maybe they should be played that way more often.