Blooming Bright Star

By The Irish Descendants

  1. City Of Chicago
  2. Step It Out Mary
  3. Caledonia
  4. My Irish Molly O
  5. The Sailor’s Return
    The Woman Of The House
    Tarbolton Lodge
  6. Her Father Didn’t Like Me Anyway
  7. Blooming Bright Star Of Belle Isle
  8. She Moved Through The Fair
  9. The Black And Tans
  10. The Rose Of Allendale
  11. King Of The Pipers
    Up The Southern Shore
  12. The Island

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The Irish Descendants - Blooming Bright Star

Another well known Newfoundland band. Their albums mostly have songs, with one or two sets each.

Sol, Creadur, & goose helped identify the reel set ("Emile’s Irish Reels", track 5), which are Emile Benoit’s settings of two Irish and one Scottish reel. As noted in the discussion, these settings vary quite a bit from the Irish/Scottish counterparts. See: