An Irish Dance Party

By Jackie Roche And His Irish Dance Band

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Re: An Irish Dance Party

An old dance recording from the same band as did the album "Irish Dance Time", which is already here, with violinist Jackie Roche at the head. The tune list needs major editing, which I’ll get to later.

The labels used for the dances (as opposed to the tunes) are:

1. Stack of Barley
2. Versouviana (Show of the Donkey)
3. Irish Waltz
4. Irish Jig
5. Irish Polka
6. Irish Foxtrot
7. Highland Fling
8. Irish Reel
9. Irish Waltz
10. Irish Hornpipes
11. Irish Barn Dance
12. Irish March

A nice variety, with only waltzes occurring twice. And only 1 set each for reels and jigs; shocking!