Another Sky

By Altan

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  1. Beidh Aonach Amarach
    Bean An Ti Ar Lar
  2. Green Grow The Rushes
  3. The King Of Meenasillagh
    The High Fiddle
  4. Island Girl
  5. Eoghainin O Ragadain
  6. Ten Thousand Miles
  7. Gusty’s Frolics
    Con’s Slip
    The Pretty Young Girls Of Carrick
    The Humours Of Whiskey
  8. Girl From The North Country
  9. The Verdant Braes Of Screen
  10. The Dispute At The Crossroads
    Columba Ward’s
  11. Tiocfaidh An Samhradh (Summer Will Come)
  12. The Ookpik
  13. The Waves Of Gola

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Altan - Another Sky

This CD came out in 2000 and has a transatlantic flavo(u)r.
I would never have expected Altan to record a Bob Dylan song but "The Girl from the North Country" works quite well including dobro. The tunes are outstanding as usual.

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their worst, commercial, country music.. there is not much to save in this record, the beginning of the end..just compare green grow the rushes.. with Cherish the ladies’ version. But there is money to be made on the american market…

Tune after "Beidh Aonach Amarach"

1) it took a little while, but this album has really grown on me. I guess it helps if one finds Jerry Douglass’s dobro picking gorgeous, like I do…
2) has the reel after the first song listed as "Bean a’Ti ar Lar", mislabeled somehow as "The Old Oak Tree". Any further info, anyone? Could we get this posted and/or added to the track list?

Re: Another Sky

I just heard that "Gusty’s Frolics" set on the radio that lead me to this record. Whatever the value of the other tracks, that set is pretty darned good if you ask me.