Meeting Point

By Aly Bain, Ale Möller and Bruce Molsky

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  1. Lament For A Sailor Who Fell From The Masthead
    Up The Stroods
  2. Up And Down Forspel
    Up ‘N’ Down The Harbour
    Scalloway Lassies
    Icy Mountain
  3. Boll Weevil
    Yelling In The Shoats
  4. Lovin’ Hannah
    Lilla Langdansen
  5. Hjaltadans
    Hunter’s Grove
  6. Summerwaltz
  7. Hills Of Mexico
  8. Freedie’s Tune
  9. Venjan - The Time Has Passed
  10. 3 Mark Polska
    Down The Road
  11. King Karl’s March
    Devil’s Polska
    Pickin The Devil’s Eye
    The Hanged Man’s
  12. Da Smuggler’s Gaen Ta Holland
    Da Maut Man

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Re: Meeting Point

Looks good! I’ve heard of Aly Bain, but not Bruce Mollsky. Question, though: Are most of these tunes original compositions, since many don’t link to anything? Will have to give it a listen!

Re: Meeting Point

The tunes aren’t here because they because they are not tunes you would normally find played in an Irish session. I would be willing to bet that none, or very few, are original compositions.
You made the similar assumption about the "High Level Ranters" recordings.
If a tune hasn’t been posted here and there’s no "link" on any "non-Irish" recording, the above is the most likely explanation. Assuming they are recent or original compositions is quite possible, but I would say much less likely.
Hope this helps. Regards, Kenny.
PS - Bruce Molsky is an absolutely brilliant musician - at what he does.

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Re: Meeting Point

Good to know. I’ve never of "The Hills of Mexico" before.

Re: Meeting Point

I too am surprised you hadn’t heard of Bruce Molsky - especially with you being a fellow American and whatnot. I don’t listen to him much, but I do know he’s a very good old-time fiddler.