The Duhks

By The Duhks

  1. Death Came A-Knockin’
  2. Mists Of Down Below
    Meghan Hayden’s
  3. Mary McMahon’s
    Pretty Little Indian
    Sligo Creek
    The Dublin
  4. Four Blue Walls
  5. The Wagoner’s Lad
  6. True Religion
  7. Islay Ranter’s
    Fleur De Mandragore
    Bull Moose
    Isaac Hanna’s
  8. You And I
  9. Everybody Knows
  10. Dance Hall Girls
    Bozeemon Boogie
  11. Slip Jig
    The Dregs Of Birch
    Eleanor Day’s #1
  12. Du Temps Que J’Étais Jeune
  13. Dover, Delaware
  14. Love Is The Seventh Wave
    The Arch Of Abundant Love

Two comments

Re: The Duhks

The second album by Canadian Celtic/French-Canadian/folk band The Duhks, from 2005.

Re: The Duhks

Saw these guys live a few times. Great, great shows. Was very sad to hear they were no longer performing as a group.