Irish Fiddle

By Dale Russ

  1. High
    Happy Days Of Youth
  2. Miss Walsh
    Tell Her I Am
  3. Richard Dwyer’s
  4. Paudy Scully’s
    Art O’Keeffe’s
    The Weaver’s
  5. Anach Cuain
    Poor But Happy At 53
  6. Last Chance
    Wallace’s Cross
    The Glencottage
    The Weaver’s Delight
    Pat Enright’s
  7. Kid On The Mountain
  8. Hugh O’Neill’s Lament
  9. The Messenger
  10. If There Weren’t Any Men In The World
    James Gannon’s
  11. The Highland Boat Song
    As The Sun Was Setting
  12. Lord Gordon’s
    Jenny’s Chickens

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