Tangled Up

By Mithril

Two comments

Mithril - Tangled Up

Celtic band from Alabama.

On this album:
- Andra Bohnet (flutes - Irish, wood Boehm, alto, A fife, G bansuri/whistle/small pipes/celtic harp)
- Tom Morley (fiddle/violin/pochette/tenor banjo/octave mandolin)
- Ben Harper (guitar/electric guitar/bass)
- David Hughes (percussion/harmonium/melodica)

And featuring on some tracks:
- Mirkwood Chamber (strings)
- Thomas Morley (violin)
- Leila Hobbs (violin)
- Jonathan Clark (viola/string bass)
- Barbara Gabriel (cello)

Really enjoy the first set of this album. Currently unsure of the order for the two polkas in the (first) Rocking Chair tune set (aka, Funky Polka Set), namely, which is called “Hide ‘n’ Seek With Helen”, and, which is called “The Chair at Western Drive”. Reason, it’s listed in different orders on their CD Baby page (see description), and their website: