Da Reel Thing

By Shetland Fiddler’s Society

  1. Up Da Stroods Da Sailor Goes
    Forfeit O Da Ship
    Galley Watch
  2. Janet Donaldson
    Jennie Slater
  3. Mcalpine’s
  4. Cave O Da Bard
    Fiddra Tae Flugga
  5. Jim Anderson’s Delight
    Peter’s Peerie Boat
    Lenny O Heilor
  6. Hurlock’s
  7. Margaret’s
    Farewell To Devon
  8. MV Earl Of Zetland
    United Boys Of Whalsay
    Birse Her Till She Pesters
  9. Peter Walterson’s Farewell To The Holly Bush
    Rosemary Brown
  10. Shetland Fiddler’s Society
    Herra Boys
  11. If I Get A Bonny Lass
    Jeannie Shocked Da Bairn
    Oot Be Est Da Vong
  12. Fethaland
    Northern Lights
    Da Johnsmas
  13. Spence’s Trip To Edinburough
    Arthur Spence O Uyeasound
    John Spence O Uyeasound
  14. Da Road Tae Holligarth
    Magnie’s Matchless
    Lell’s Old Triumph
  15. Foula
    Aith Rant
    Garster’s Dream
    The Brig
  16. Eenie’s Spring
    Square Da Mizzen
  17. Up Da Stroods Da Sailor Goes
    Forfeit O Da Ship
    Galley Watch

Three comments

Re: Da Reel Thing

Enjoy! Great quality Scottish tunes. Also the first tune in track 15 is called "Foula Reel" but is a jig…

Re: Da Reel Thing

OK. "Foula Reel" is the name of the set. There are only 4 jigs here, beginning with "Aith Rant."

Re: Da Reel Thing

It should also be worth mentioning here that both tracks 1 and 17 (which have the same tunes) start with a very, very short piano introduction which sounds like "The Drunken Sailor" but the album does not consider it a tune on here.