The Rose of Britain’s Isle

By John Kirkpatrick

  1. The Rose Of Britain’s Isle
  2. Up North
  3. Hunsden House
    Whimbleton House
  4. Queen Of The May
  5. Old Man Jones
  6. Not For Joe
  7. The Milkmaid’s Song
  8. Weyhill Fair
  9. Rising Sun And The Crown
  10. Sweet Swansea
  11. The Yellow Joak
    The White Joak
  12. The Lady And The Soldier
  13. Fireside
    Down Sides And Up The Middle

One comment

Re: The Rose of Britain’s Isle

John and Sue Kirkpatrick created this album in 1974. The copy I have is from Amazon and I believe re-mastered. According to Mainly Norfolk, the "joak" jigs on Track 11 are reversed, with "White Joak" actually being first, but it is listed as "Yellow Joak" and "White Joak" on the re-mastered copy.