One Man And His Box

By John Kirkpatrick

  1. The Windfall
    Haggling The Toss
  2. Go To A Little More School
  3. Here’s Adieu To Old England
  4. Half And Half
  5. Do Me Ama
  6. The Fair Maid On The Shore
  7. Young Edwin In The Lowlands Low
  8. The Blue Joak
    The Spanish Gypsy
  9. Sweet Prospect
  10. The Bristol Sailorman
    Will The Waggoner
  11. Annan Side
  12. Underneath Your Apron
  13. Prince William Of Gloucester’s
  14. Sweet And Lovely
    Jump At The Sun
  15. Bogie’s Bonny Belle
  16. Once I Loved A Maiden Fair
    The Hole In The Wall
  17. Fits And Starts
  18. Daughters Of The Revolution
  19. The Bells
  20. The Sleazy-Beat Three-Step

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Re: One Man And His Box

Nice collection of tunes and songs here. It was produced in 1999, according to Wikipedia.