Every Mortal Place

By John Kirkpatrick

  1. Wednesday Night
    The Great Eastern
  2. The Packman’s Staff
  3. Lord Randal
  4. Soul, Soul
  5. Sweet Swansea
  6. Shrewsbury Quarry
    The Shrewsbury Lasses
    The Shrewsbury Rakes
  7. John Barleycorn
  8. Under The Leaves Of Life
  9. New Dancers
    The Bateuse
    The What D’Ye Call It
  10. Old Father Fox
  11. Tommy Suet’s Ball
  12. A Shropshire Lad
  13. The Shropshire Militia
  14. The Pompalarie
  15. While Shepherds Watched

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Re: Every Mortal Place

According to Mainly Norfolk, this album came out in 2013, and the songs are all related to Shropshire. I’m thinking there might be a mis-link of track 1-B, as he calls it "The Great Eastern Polka" but it is linked to a reel.