By Magpie Lane

  1. May Song
  2. Mother Goose
    The Priest And His Boots
    Hopkinson’s Favourite
  3. In Sheffield Park
  4. Thame Fair
  5. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
  6. A Rosebud In June
  7. Jack-in-the-Green
    Jack’s Alive
  8. The Sheepstealer
  9. Quickstep At The Battle Of Prague
  10. Northill May Song
    The Cuckoo’s Nest
  11. The Seeds Of Love
  12. Just As The Tide Was Flowing
  13. The Banks Of The Lea
  14. Font Whatling’s
    Galloway Girth
  15. Two Ravens
  16. Mayer’s Song
    Rochdale Coconut Dance
    Three Around Three