So There You Go, Irish Tenor Banjo

By Seán O’Driscoll

  1. The Salute
    Diamond Jim’s
    The Long Sleeve
  2. The Comical Bargain
    Bare-Faced Lies
  3. The Pikeman’s March
    The Eagle’s Whistle
  4. The Twin Cities
    Winnie Haye’s
  5. Well Now
    You Might Be Right
    Contrary Times
  6. The Dear Irish Boy
  7. Fifty In The Ashtray
    Cnoc Na Gclárach
  8. The Clare
    Pol Halfpenny
  9. Kathleen Collins’
    Paddy Cronin’s
    Rita Keane’s
  10. Smoke And Mirrors
    The Cloak-And-Dagger
  11. Farewell To Whisky
    The Gypsy Queen
  12. Lendrum’s

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Re: So There You Go, Irish Tenor Banjo

Rather surprised this isn’t already here. I believe this was independently released in 2012 (to iTunes, anyway). This is the banjo player from that fantastic album "The Kitchen Recordings", along with box player Larry Egan, who is also featured on a few tracks of this album. O’Driscoll definitely has a distinctive playing style, very tight, and the triplets are very crisp and not usually swung. Only had a cursory listen so far; definitely excited to hear more of it!