Splendid Isolation

By Night Watch

  1. Mrs. A. McGlashan
    Splendid Isolation
    Grethy Cloots
  2. The Tulip Tune
    Tie Down The Tent
  3. Javelina Hunt
    Hops And Barley
  4. Dromore Wood
  5. Princess Nancy
    Paddy Fahey’s
    The Roadrunner
  6. Reel Béloeil
    Le Réleveur
    Reel Ti-Mé
  7. Triolipolska
  8. Lads Of Laois
    Bird In The Bush
    Gerry Commane’s
  9. Vals Del Albaicín
  10. Beaumont Rag
  11. The Wee Beastie
    The Hawk
    Prince Charlie
  12. The Meelick Team
    Harry’s Loch
  13. Beauties Of Autumn
    The Call
  14. A Dream For Dorothea

One comment

Night Watch - Splendid Isolation

US contradance and English country dance band. Blend of French Canadian, Irish, Swedish, Nashville, & New Hampshire influences.

They are:
- Naomi Morse (fiddle)
- Owen Morrison (lead guitar/mandolin)
- Elvie Miller (piano/accordion)