The Contrarians

By Contrarians

  1. New Year’s Day
    Kate And Roses
    Penina’s Wedding
  2. Shenandoah Falls
    Through The Gates
  3. Laura’s Tune
    Gypsy Star
  4. Mingo
    Uncle Paul
    Wild Bill Hiccup
  5. Pat The Budgie
    L’homme A Deux Femmes
  6. The Jig Is Up
    Flint Hills
  7. Waltz Of The Floating Bridge
  8. Spootiskerry
    Wizard’s Walk
    Sligo Creek
  9. Silver Spire
    Return To Milltown
    Music For A Found Harmonium
  10. Rolling Waves
    Black Cat
    Black Cat Salsa
  11. Crockett’s Honeymoon
    George Booker
  12. The Old Maid Of Galway
  13. Waltz To Remember

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Contrarians - The Contrarians

Contraband from West Virginia, with Appalachian, New England, French Canadian, & Celtic influences.

They are:
- Will Carter (bass)
- Gary Reynolds (guitar/trumpet/piano)
- John Longwell (mandolin/tenor banjo/fiddle)
- Paul Epstein (fiddle)