¡Adios Paripau!

By La Almeta

  1. Android
  2. Jota De Marcuello
  3. Polca De La Almohada
  4. Habanera De Manolo
  5. Mazurca De Sonny
  6. Scottish Du Sen
  7. Bourree Droite Du Morvan
  8. Tarantella Napolitana
  9. Danse De L’ours
  10. Zafrane
  11. Polca De Ballydesmond #2
    Polca De Ballydesmond #3
  12. Du Ska Fa Sockertoj
  13. John Ryan’s
  14. Sailor’s Rumba
  15. Irish Washerwoman

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La Almeta - ¡Adios Paripau!

Traditional Aragonese (Spanish) music, these guys play music from all over the place. At least four or five Irish tunes, French, Swedish, and so on.

From Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_of_Aragon , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aragon):
“Music of Aragon has through history absorbed Roman, Celtic, Moorish and French influences.”

Stumbled onto this album while looking for different takes on The Bear Dance polka (Danse De L’ours).

They are:
- Manolo Gómez (flamenco cajón/percussion)
- Rosa Blas (violin/mandolin)
- Fernando García (bass)
- Jose Cester (bodhran/darbuka/percussion/whistle)
- Luis Pascual (guitar)
- Fernando Ariza (accordion/whistle)
- Antonio Bernad (boha/whistle/accordion)

Re: ¡Adios Paripau!

Sorry, but I just had to laugh at the fact that there’s actually a trad tune called “Android.”

Re: ¡Adios Paripau!

Yeah that’s a different one for sure. Could be a good name for one of those “An Dro’s”, if they were actually named.

Re: ¡Adios Paripau!

So is it a version of “An Dro?”

Re: ¡Adios Paripau!

An Dro is a tune type, there’s many of them, and from what I’ve seen, all of them are titled “An Dro”, “En Dro”, etc..

I’ve listened to many An Dro’s, I enjoy them, but haven’t attempted to learn any of them yet. So perhaps someone who knows that tune type better would know! My guess would be no, given it’s not titled “An Dro”.