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By James Kelly, Paddy O’Brien, Daithi Sproule

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One of my favorite record of Irish traditional music.
The way i like it played. Almost perfect, except for the few songs, Daithi Sproule whining voice’s has the same effect on me that Andy Irvine’s…

Kelly, O’Brien & Sproule

According to the track listing given by paul95, this is actually 2 LP recordings which were released with the titles “Is It Yourself ?” [ Tracks 1 - 14 ], and “Spring In The Air” [ Tracks 15 - 27 ]. Have they been released together on 1 (or 2) CDs ? If so , I’d recommend them.

Foxhunter on track 4


Yes they were released in 1995 by Shanachie on a single CD, N

Kelly, O’Brien & Sproule

A very nice recording although I would have liked to hear more of Daithi Sproule’s singing, which I find superb.

“Is It Yourself ?” LP

“Is It Yourself ?” [ Tracks 1 - 14 ]……Just picked this record up yesterday. Fantastic playing, nice mix of tunes.