Sligo Fiddle Master

By Andy Davey

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Re: Sligo Fiddle Master

This is a 2018 release by the Coleman Heritage Centre. The sources are ‘70’s private recordings so the sound is archival and there is some not so great guitar backing on a few latter tracks, but it’s lovely fiddling, I’m very glad they put it out and happy to own it.

A couple of Gan Ainm’s:

13 is Redican’s aka Forget Me Not
17 is The Strawberry Blossom or Boys of Ballynahinch

The reels tempos generally seem more relaxed than his pairings with Tansey on Music from the Coleman Country.

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Re: Sligo Fiddle Master

The Foxhunter’s is the 2 part way that gets played with Comb Your Hair and Curl It.

Of the other Gan Ainm’s:

2 is called a Schottische and is a very pretty ear worm that I don’t recognize at all. I think it’s in A; it plays at around G# but McFadden’s and Duke of Leinster from the same tape play at F#.

The rest are reels.

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Re: Sligo Fiddle Master

Paddy Fahey’s, 26, seems to be a majored up version of the well-known d minor reel which I’ve linked, though I ride the Fahey little bus.

If anyone knows 2 or 18 have at it.

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