Best of Barn Dance

By The English Country Dance Band

  1. Heel And Tow
  2. The Cliffe The Gloucester
    Nottingham Swing
  3. Jack Robinson
    The Steam Boat
    The Swiss Boy
  4. Soldier’s Joy
    Lemmie Brazil’s
  5. The Triumph
  6. Sir Roger De Coverley
  7. Waltz For The Veleta
  8. The Queen’s
    The Basque
  9. Three Around Three
    Speed The Plough
  10. Clee Hill
    Bell Isle’s
  11. Haste To The Wedding
    Trip To The Forest
  12. Oyster Girl
    My Love, My Love

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Re: Best of Barn Dance

A nice selection of English country dance music, which has a somewhat similar feel to the Old Swan Band. Not all of these are barndances though!