By Kentigern

  1. Cullen Bay
    The Jig O’ Slurs
    The Seagull
  2. The Corncrake
  3. Breton Tunes
  4. The Weary Farmers
  5. Pipe Major Donald McLean Of Lewis
    The Weavers Of Newly
    Kail And Pudding
    Loch Roag
  6. The Iron Horse
  7. The Last O’ The Tinkler
  8. Rathven Market
    The Conundrum
  9. Gin I Were Shot O’ Her
  10. Hebridean Air
    The Braes Of Tulimet
    The Braes Of Mellinish
  11. Wild Roving No More
  12. Put Me In The Great Chest
    The Three Peaks Of South Uist
    South Uist

Three comments

Re: Kentigern

Topic Records 12TS394 UK LP 1979

Note that some of the tracks are misspelt.

Correct spellings include:

Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis
Braes of Tullymet

Alternate, older spellings include:

Braes of Melinish
Greenwood Side